“A land kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea in a perfect combination of elements that will always remain the greatest source of prosperity for this corner of the Earth: a tiny plot of land that does not suffer with the evolution of time and seems still, magically frozen in a dimension of simplicity and perfection which in other parts of the world is hard to come by.” Nomadic Puglia

The Inspiration
The Concept
The Design

The Chef

“My true passion is cooking, I belong in the kitchen and I want to share this love with my team and guests”

– Maurizio Bombini

Originating from Apulia region, in Southern Italy, Chef Maurizio
learned his trade in the kitchen at his parent’s restaurant on the
shores of the Adriatic Sea, where he began his culinary journey that
has taken him to Italy, France, USA, China and Indonesia.

Italian Contemporary Cuisine

Deeply-rooted in cucina povera tradition, Puglia cuisine emphasize on simple and genuineness of taste, relying it taste on the freshness of local produces — a pure expression of traditions and the natural bounty of the land.


A calming Puglia style interior with its timeless beauty, picturesque views and luxurious space will make the perfect setting for your fine-dining experience. MAURI created with the chef’s hometown in mind. Accomodates up to 40 seats on the ground floor facing to the live kitchen with an intimate 5 seats Chefs Table for private tasting. Reserve your seat with us.


Experience a feast of events featuring the very best of MAURI has to offer. Enjoy great hospitality and good company, our passion for Italian Contemporary Cuisine, a series of fantastic wine dinners, and a calming Puglia style interior with its timeless beauty.
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